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Liste des articles 2014

A1.2014- A.Chaker, A. Mlika, M.A. Laribi, L. Romdhane, S. Zeghloul

"Accuracy Analysis of Non-Overconstrained Spherical Parallel Manipulators

European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids Numéro: 47 -2014

Impact Factor: 1.904


A2.2014- Boukattaya Sonia, Al Seddique Waseem, Alawar Ahmad, Ben Daly Hachmi, Hammami Adel

"Colling rate effects on the crystallization kinetics of Polypropylene/Date Palm Fiber Composite materials"

Science and Enginnering of Composite Materials  2014

Impact Factor: 0.593


A3.2014- M. Ghisse, Glannesini, P. Tropiano, Z. Tourki, O. Boiron

"NMR imaging investigation of the incompressible poroelastic behavior of porcine intervertebral disk under external mechanical stress": Review Matériaux & Techniques, February 2014.(indexé scopus)