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Liste des articles 2015

A1.2015- F. Elwasli, F.Zemzemi, A.Mkaddem, S.Mzali, S.Mezlini

"A3D multi-scratch test model for characterizing material removal regimes in 5083-Al alloy".

Materials and Design 87 (2015) 352-362   SJR: 1.8


A2.2015- M. Ghiss, B. Giannesini, P. Tropiano, Z. Tourki, and O. Boiron,

Quantitative MRI water content mapping of porcine intervertebral disc during uniaxial compression. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering. September 2015. (Impact factor: 1.974)


A3.2015- Souad Mbarek,a,b Patrick Baronic and Laurence Noirezc* 

"Highlighting delayed elastic processes at zero stress in a polymer glass".

Delayed elastic processes in a polymer glass

Published online in Wiley Online Library: 15 June 2015

Polym Int 2015; 64: 1303–1308   © 2015 Society of Chemical Industry   IF: 2.35


A4.2015- Iben Houria, M., Nadot, Y., Fathallah, R., Roy, M., & Maijer, D. M

 "Influence of casting defect and SDAS on the multiaxial fatigue behaviour of A356-T6 alloy including mean stress effect".

International Journal of Fatigue.May . (2015)    IF: 3.132


A5.2015 Maha Zaghdoudi, Pierre-Antoine Albouy, Zoubeir Tourki, Arnaud Vieyres, Paul Sotta

"Relation Between Stress and Segmental Orientation during Mechanical Cycling of a Natural Rubber-Based Compound”. Journal of Polymer science, part b: Polymer physics 2014, 53, 943–950. IF= 2.588



 A6.2015 M. Zaghdoudi Z. Tourki and P-A Albouy  "Characterisation of vulcanised natural rubber behaviour by monotonic and in situ cyclic X-ray scattering tests". Plastics, Rubber and Composites Macromolecular Engineering Volume 44, 2015 - Issue 6  IF=0.848