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Introduction to Labo LMS

Backed by the National School of Engineers of Sousse, the Laboratory of Mechanics of Sousse (LMS) aims to promote research and technological development in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The LMS essentially has 3 main missions:

  • The training of trainers in Mechanical Engineering through the topics of doctoral theses and master's degree and also the enrichment of the training of engineers of our institution.
  • The promotion of research in industrial circles.
  • Scientific outreach on a national and international scale.

The LMS Lab currently has 61 members:

  • 4 professors
  • 6 lecturers
  • 13 Assistant professor
  • 1 Master Technologist and 1 Assistant
  • 33 PhD students and 2 doctors

The management of the Lab is directed by:

  • Professor Lotfi Romdhane : 2012 – 2013-2014
  • Professor Hachemi Ben Daly : 2015-2016






Permanent researcher 27 25 26
Master students 32 35 43
Master students 6 21 20



The LMS is structured around 4 teams:

1. Mechanical Systems and Robotics

Keywords: Mechanism, Robotics, Mechatronics, biomechanics, vehicle dynamics.

Person in charge: Abdelfattah Mlika

2. Numerical simulation of formatting

Keywords: kinetics of martensitic transformation, damage, hyperelasticity, zone shear transformation (ZTC), free volume, Umat, integration scheme, stamping.

Person in charge: Zoubeir Tourki

3. Advanced Materials

Keywords: Composite, natural fibers, nanomaterials, physic-chemistry, hygrothermal, UV, metallic glass, shape memory alloy (AMF), damage.

Person in charge: Tarek Hassine

4. Fatigue of Materials and Structures

Keywords: fatigue, fracture, reliability, damage, surface conditions, defective materials, damage, mechanical assemblies and surface treatment processes.

Person in charge: CHokri Bouraoui