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Liste des articles 2011

 A1.2011- F. Mhenni, P. Serré, A. Mlika, L. Romdhane,  A. Rivière

« Variations and Clearance Computation in Overconstrained Mechanisms »

Asian International Journal of Science and Technology in production and Manufacturing Engineering 2011 4(3), 55-65


A2.2011Fehmi GAMAOUN, Montassarbellah LTAIEF, Tarak BOURAOUI, Tarak BEN ZINEB

"Effect of hydrogen on the tensile strength of aged Ni–Ti superelastic alloy".

Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures; 22(17) (2011) 2053–2059



"Effect of the Residual Deformation on the Mechanical Behavior of the Ni-Ti Alloy Charged by Hydrogen".

Advanced Materials Research 324 (2011) 181-184


A4.2011- H. Ben Hadj Salah, H. Ben Daly, F. Perrin, J. Denault,

"Non-isothermal crystallization behavior of clay-reinforced polypropylene nanocomposites"

Science and Engineering of Composite Materials, Vol. 18, September 2011, pp 173–179.


A5.2011- M. A. Yousfi,1 K. Hajlaoui,2, 3 Z. Tourki,1 and A. R. Yavari3

"Constitutive Rheological Modeling of Flow Serration Behaviour in Metallic Glasses Showing Nanocrystallization during Deformation".

 Hindawi Publishing Corporation Journal of Nanomaterials Volume 2011, Article ID 910962, 8 pages doi:10.1155/2011/910962


A6.2011- M. FRIJA1,a, R. FATHALLAH2,b and L. Ben FKIH2,c

"Modeling of the superficial Laser Shock Peening treatment Process: Application on a Titanium aircraft turbine engine blade"

Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 62 (2011) pp 85-94

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A7.2011- M Nejlaoui., Z Affi., A.Houidi , L Romdhane

 "Multi objective robust design optimization of rail vehicle".

Procceeding of IFToMM 2011, México. ISBN 978-607- 441-131-7.


A8.2011- Sami Chatti, Narjess Chtioui

"Sheet metal ferming simulation using finite elaqtoplasicity with mixed isotropic/kinematic hardening".

European  Jormal of  Computational Mechanics.Volume 20-No.7-8/2011, pages 427 to 453


A9.2011- S. Bennour, M. Harshe, L. Romdhane, J-P. Merlet

 "A new experimental setup based on a parallel cable robot for Analysis and Control of Human Motion",

Journal of Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering (Vol. 14, No. S1, August 2011, 83–85), Impact Factor: 1.770.