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Liste des articles 2012



A1.2012- A. Chaker, A. MLIKA, M.A. Laribi, Romdhane Lotfi and S.Zeghoul,

« Synthesis of a Spherical Parallel Manipulator for a Dexterous Medical Task »,

Front. Mech. Eng. Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 150-162 (2012)  Indexé



A2.2012- S. Bennour, N. Zarrouk, M. Dogui, L. Romdhane, J-P. Merlet,

"Biomechanical model of the ankle to estimate the forces in the tendons during an isometric Dorsal/Plantar flexion",

Journal of Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering (Vol. 15, No. S1, September 2012, 167–170), Impact Factor: 1.770.



A3.2012- Souad Mbarek  , Mohamed Jaziri a , Christian Carrot b , Yvan Chalamet b

"Thermomechanical properties of a polymer blend: Investigation of a third phase".

Mechanics of Materials 52 (2012) 78–86



A4.2012- Amani Bensghaier, Lotfi Romdhane, Fethi Benouezdou

"Multi-objective optimization to pridict muscle tensions in a pinch function using genetic algorithm"

Comptes Rendus Mecanique C.R. Mécanique 340 (2012) 139-155

IF: 1.316



A5.2012- Maha Zaghdoudi, Zohra Gaiech, Lamia Bejaoui, Zoubeir Tourki, Adnane Boukamel

"Modeling and Numerical Simulations with Compressible Damaged Hyperelastic Law: Application to the Laminated Rubber Bearing"

Materials Sciences and Applications, 2012,3,821-828 Indexé

DOI: 10.4236/msa.2012.311119



A6.2012- S. Chatti, R. Fathallah

"A study of the variations in elastic modulus and its effect on springback prediction"

Original Research DOI: 10.1007/s12289.012.1106.7  (2012)


A7.2012- Sami Chatti, Narjess Chtioui

"Sheet metal forming simulation using finite elastoplasticity with mixed isotrocic/kinematic hardening"

European Journal of Computational Mechanics. Volume 20-n° 7-8/2011, pages 427 to 453